Album :: Ithaka

Rich DeVore’s 4th album, released in February 2018.

Track 1 :: When the Bad Guys Win

Track 2 :: Blue-Eyed Susan

Track 3 :: The Shakes

Track 4 :: I Could Be You

Track 5 :: Ithaka

Track 6 :: Graveyard Moon

Track 7 :: Different

Track 8 :: Nobody Knows

Track 9 :: Fare Thee Well

Track 10 :: Sun Just Shines


  • Words and music by Rich DeVore
  • Produced by Aram Arslanian and Rich DeVore
  • Recorded at RhombusSongs Studios in Limoux, France
  • Additional recording at Kingsley Garden Studio, Vancouver, Washington USA
  • Mixed by Aram Arslanian at Kingsley Garden Studio, Vancouver, Washington USA
  • Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering, Portland, Oregon, USA


  • Rich DeVore – Vocals, Guitar, Upright Bass, Bass Guitar, Alto Flute, Wind Synthesizers, Programming
  • Aram Arslanian – Guitar, Drums, Keyboards, Vocals, Programming
  • Robin Frasier – Vocals
  • Beccah Frasier – Vocals on “Different”
  • Sam Arslanian – Vocals, Violin on “Nobody Knows”
  • Sarah Arslanian – Vocals on “Nobody Knows”

Thanks to Aram for his unending imagination, patience and enthusiasm.

Thanks to Beccah for being brave and participating.

Thanks to Cavafy and Rilke for giving me places to begin.

Thanks to Robin, as always, for everything.

This album is dedicated to my daughters Kaitlin and Rebeccah.