Album :: The Way

The Way, Rich DeVore’s third album, was released in 2014.

Track 1 :: The Way

Track 2 :: For You

Track 3 :: Solstice Carol

Track 4 :: Wounded

Track 5 :: Skeletons and Stones

Track 6 :: When the Morning Comes

Track 7 :: What We Have Left


  • Words and music by Rich DeVore
  • Produced by Rich DeVore and Aram Arslanian
  • Recorded and mixed by Aram Arslanian at Kingsley Garden Studio in Vancouver, WA, USA
  • Mastered by Kevin Nettleingham at


  • Rich DeVore – Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Flute
  • Aram Arslanian – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Background Vocals, Programming
  • Robin Frasier – Background Vocals

“The Way” is for Teresa.

“Wounded” is dedicated to our neighbors, friends, lovers, and children who suffer from the aftermath of foreign, domestic, and family war.

“What We Have Left” is in honor of Del Goldfarb.

Thanks to Aram for his creativity, patience, talent, and vision.

Thanks to Kathryn, Randy & Dave, Kathy, and Beccah for their support and encouragement.

Thanks to Robin, as always, for everything.

Peace and love to all who hear these songs. May you make The Way by walking.